Switch from laminated whiteboard to glass whiteboard. Its much more durable and easy to clean & keep clean. Order online and customize size, color, and tray that you can choose by yourself!




Lets switch to glass whiteboard!


Glass is an amazingly slippery and shiny material. So, its very easy to write on and erase!
*Actual product color may look different from what you see on digital screen. Please feel free to ask for sample from us.



Conventional laminated whieboard

  • Difficult to erase. Cannot use strong chemical markers or spray paint
  • Laminated surface may peel over time and not humidity-proof
  • Difficult to erase and keep clean. Shorter usage life

Change to Glass Whiteboard

  • Shiny surface, look new all the time!
  • Easy to clean, smooth writing and easier to erase
  • Many colors to choose from, custom made to size


Online order make easy


Slide left-right on the image below to learn how to choose whiteboard options


Our past works

กระดานไวท์บอร์ด แบบยึดสกรู
ไวท์บอร์ดกระจก ในสำนักงาน
กระดานไวท์บอร์ดกระจก ในห้องประชุม

Laminated Whiteboard VS Glass Whiteboard


We are serious on glass!

Because we developed painted glass technology for a long time, and supplied our glasses to thousands of renowned projects, you can trust in our glass quality.  Our paints will last forever on glass whiteboard.  All our whiteboards come with forgettable 10 year warranty

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