Simply order our glass top, then put it on top of your existing table. Thats it and you get a new table! Our glass tops are low-iron tempered glass with vibrant colors and beautiful patterns you can choose, custom made to your size

Glass Top 12 mm., Marble

Glass Top is Gooood!!!

Just put on old table

Glass Printer


Lets use glass on your table!


Just put it on existing table! With shiny and vibrant glass surface, its so easy to clean. With the paint or printed layer behind the glass, you don't have to worry about any problems usually experienced from other materials!
*Actual product color may look different from what you see on digital screen. Please feel free to ask for sample from us.


Wooden or laminated table surfaces

  • Have to avoid sharp material as the surface is easy to get scratched
  • Surface may peel when exposed to humidity over time
  • Difficult to clean, Cannot resist some cleaning chemicals

Cover it with "Glass Top"

  • Tempered glass is five times stronger than normal glass. Very strong and difficult to break
  • High chemical resistance. Very easy to clean and always look new
  • Available in may colors and patterns. Custom made to sizes
  • Just put it on old table to turn it to new!


Wood doesn't break, but glass can be broken?

  • Tempered Glass is actually very strong. It is produced under TIS965-1993 Standard
  • Pass the ball drop test (1 Kg. metal ball) from 1 meter height
  • If the glass gets broken, it breaks into small pieces, providing additional safety for users


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Our past works


We are serious in glass technology

Our color coated and printed glasses won't peel off, yellowing, or fade over time.  This is our promise because we utilize the only best technology on glass to make our products.  Additionally, all our glass top comes with 10 years warranty

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