General Glass Questions

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that were treated with high temperature and then suddenly quenched to make the glass surface stronger than normal glass by 4-5 times. If tempered glass is broken, it will break into small pieces which make it safer. In addition, using tempered glass will increase high temperature bearing and sudden change in temperature. Therefore, tempered glass is highly recommended not only for safety, but also where the glass will be used adjacent to the heat source.

Low Iron Glass or Ultra-Clear Glass is a kind of float glass that contains less iron oxide in glass melting process. Less iron oxide means higher purity and less green tint in the glass. For usage of glass with backpaint or digital printing, low iron glass will better reveal actual color. For usage in mirror, low-iron mirror will have better clarity and reflect the truest colors. However, low iron glass price is quite higher than normal glass that were produced in higher volume.

Glass is already one of the better materials in terms of ease of cleaning and keep clean. Normally, you just need glass cleaner, water, or even solvent such as thinner or alcohol to clean the glass. However, for mirror or back-painted glass, leaving water droplets to dry along the edge of the glass should be avoid as these may cause oxidisation or corrode the coating from the edge. We recommend wiping of the leftover water droplets from the edge of the glass whenever it is exposed to water. For painted glass, it is recommended to seal the edge of the glass with silicone to prevent water or moisture to be trapped behind the glass. For glass being exposed to hard water, you can try mixing vinegar with water and clean the limescale off the glass surface.

Normally we may feel that glass can be broken easily because we are more used to seeing the glass as windows or partitions. Actually the glass fixed on the wall is much more difficult to break (for normal 6 mm. glass). This is because most of the impact force will be transferred to the wall and not only absorbed by glass. If the glass fixed on the wall is hit with hard and high mass objects, it may be broken. However, for day to day usage, without intention, hitting or running into the glass won't cause the glass to break that easy!

Choosing the Product

For Beauty Mirror, we do have products in standard and custom sizes. For other products, we only produce custom glasses after the orders are placed. This is to make sure that our customers have full flexibility to choose sizes, designs, colors, and patterns that best suit their needs.

Eventhough we try our best to make intuitive website with flexibility for our customers, we know that you may have specific requiremetns not offered on the web. Please feel free to let us know through any communication channels and we will discuss on the possibility together.

We do provide installation in Bangkok and vicinity areas for Beauty Mirror, Glass Whiteboard, and Glass Wall. We accept orders from our online shop system and will make appointment for installation. If you need an installation service, please don't forget to choose this option on product page before order submission.

For onsite measurement, we do apologise that we don't have a team to provide this service. However, you may learn how to make measurement through our online guidance or you can send us the photo and we will recommend how to do measurement. By customer doing own measurement, we can focus on creating beautiful glasses in short lead time at the most reasonable cost to our customer.

Because we recommend "Den Braven's High Tack" from Holland, which has special characteristics over most adhesives in the market. This adhesive has superior adhesion of 25 Kg. per and provide initial tacking once you put the glass on the wall. Additionally, the glue is odorless. You have no need to put any glass support as the glass will stick to the wall right after you place it on the wall.

For products that need to use adhesive to stick the glass to wall; Glass Whiteboard Stick and Glass Wall, we will provide label indicating compatible adhesive or silicone on every glass sheet.  Please use only silicone indicated on the lable in order to make sure that it is fully compatible with your glass.  Recommended adhesive and silicone may be different depending on glass colors and so please make sure you follow this instruction carefully.

Using incompatible silicone or adhesive may result in less adhesion and may cause visible silicone marks on glass.  This incident will not cover under our warranty terms and conditions.

You must select 'Tempered Glass' whenever the glass wall will be closed to the heat source.  If the heat source is closer to the glass than 10 cm., we don't recommend using Glass Wall as continuous direct heat may make the glass broken. For normal usage, tempered glass can withstand high temperature and 10 cm. distance from the fire is already secured enough that the glass won't break. Still not convinced, see our test vdo:

About the Products

Because low-iron glass is pure and crystal clear, when using as mirror it will give you the truest colors and the most accurate reflection possible.

Beauty Mirror comes equipped with lighting and electrical system in integrated unit. You can just connect the power and hang the glass!

You will need to prepare power cable in AC220 Volts at the wall behind the area to install the glass. This is same as wiring power cable for lighting which may be direct wiring or through switch circuit.

For Glass Top, we only provide in tempered. This is because the application of glass top will need the glass to withstand some impacts and provide additional safety for your usage.

And because this group of product is marketed as high-end special products with best avaiable coating and patterns, we only offer in low-iron glass material so that the glass will be crystal clear and reflect the truest color.

At the moment we are in early stage and are in the stage of preparing sample products and showroom.  Please contact us and we will try our best to arrange some demonstration.  Our showroom is on Rama III Road near Narathiwat junction.

Because glass is so fragile and easy to break, we will pack the glass with lots of protection to assure that the glass will be delivered to you in good shape (if delivery by 3rd party). However, please check the glass right when delivered. In rare case that you find the glass broken or cracked, please take photos and contact us immediately.

All our products are covered under different product warranty terms and conditions.  This range from one to ten years depending on parts of the product.  Please learn more about our warranty terms in individual product page under tab "Cautions and Warranty."

We established from the conception that customers should be able to get good glasses that are normally difficult to find people to do the job.  Especially when the job is small, glass installers will take at least two times to visit customers, order the glass, and wait.  We would like to eliminate unnecessary works and minimise the cost to customer while providing beautiful glasses at reasonable price.  All our glasses are not difficult to make measurement and in most cases, they are quite easy to install.

We try our best to provide as much information as we can, throught consultation, drawing, and info on website, to assist customer to do their own measurement.  However, if the information we provided is not accurate and cause error, we will rectify the problem or replace the glass at our own cost.

Except for the wrong measurement without our crosschecking, we will try our best to fix the glass choosing the lowest cost possible to save customer's additional expenses.

Ordering and Payment

Our state-of-the-art payment system is fully encrypted and the whole website is secured SSL. All transactions are very safe and securely protected. We utilise the most advanced payment gateway technology from Omise ( to process credit/debit card transactions. We don't even see your card details and all transactions are fully encrypted

We accept payment by credit card (Visa and Mastercard) and by bank transfer.

If you are interested to be our distributor or you are business owner that may need our glass repetitively in higher volume, we would like to invite you to become our distributor. Please fill in the form at distributor page and we will contact you to set up distributorship with special price structure.

If you want to modify or cancel the order after confirmation, please notify us as soon as possible and we will see if it is still on time to make modification. If you have placed the order but haven't paid, you can modify or cancel at any time.

All our prices are VAT included.  You can provide your full company details for tax invoice on our checkout page.

Yes!  You can contact us for quotation and we will send you a link for your online quotation.

Installation & Delivery

  • Beauty Mirror, approximately 9-14 days
  • Glass Whiteboard / Glass Top / Glass Wall approximately 7-12 days
  • We may update our delivery schedule according to our current capacity.  The updated approx. delivery date will be provided on the cart page
We provide installation for Beauty Mirror / Glass Whiteboard / Glass Wall only in Bangkok and vicinity area.  Installation includes delivery to site, materials needed to install the glass, and all works to handover the job.  However, our installation doesn't include surface improvement and cable wiring (if needed).  If the surface to be installed is not ready, we cannot provide installation.

Start at 1200 Baht Fixed cost, plus price per sqm. of glass as following;

  • 650 Baht/sq.m. for Glass Whiteboard (Stick)
  • 350 Baht/sq.m. for Glass Whiteboard (Screw)
  • 800 Baht/sq.m. for Glass Wall
  • 400 Baht/sq.m. for Beauty Mirror

Installation cost includes delivery (Bangkok & vicinity), tools for installation, and adhesive (if needed). Not include surface adjustment and power cable wiring for Beauty Mirror.

There are three delivery options offered;

  • Pickup by yourself at Glass is Good outlet
  • Delivery by Glass is Good's pickup when the goods have >50 Kg. combined weight or longer than 2 m. (only valid for Bangkok and vicinity area)
  • For all other cases, goods will be picked up and delivered by Nim Express (delivery provider)

For Nim Express delivery, goods will be delivered door-to-door for weight less than 50 Kg. and not longer than 2 m. For higher weight and longer items, Glass is Good will inform customer on the closest pick up Nim Express outlets to delivery address.

Please schedule the pickup at our head office: Glass is Good Co., ltd. on Kanchanapisek Road, Bangyai (near Central Westgate).
Our office hours: Monday-Saturday 8:00-17:00

Google Map:

We think it is not too difficult as long as the size is not too big.  All our glasses are edge-polished so they are safe to carry by hands.  You can see below links to get ideas of how to install our glasses;

  • Beauty Mirror:
  • Glass Wall:
  • Glass Whiteboard Stick:
  • Glass Whiteboard Screw:
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