Let's do it with glass!

Peetition, Urinal Glass Partition

Beautifully designed urinal partition with a variety of colors and finishes to choose from
Glass urinal partitions with integrated hardware that comes in a variety of colors and shapes. There are two types of glass: satin glass with translucent colors or clear glass with opaque colors, according to the color selected.
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3 Shape Options

drawing peetition
peetition feature flat

Peetition Flat

Made of 12 mm. single glass or laminated glass 6+6 mm. with colored PVB interlayers. Cut and shape to precision using a CNC machine 

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Peetition Slope

Pick from colors and finishes same as Flat style. Add taper on higher area.

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peetition feature slope
peetition feature curve

Peetition Curve

Shape to precision using CNC machine.This style is a bit smaller and lighter in weight than the other models

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Type of Glass

Clear Laminated Glass (White / Black)

6+6 mm. Low-iron tempered glass with opaque white or black film in the middle. Interlayer thickness 1.14 mm. Total thickness is 13.14 mm. 

Using ultra-clear glass will help with the light-shade color that the glass will not look greenish

peetition material white
peetition material satin

Satin Laminated with Color Interlayer

Satin 6+6 laminated tempered glass that combine with colored PVB interlayer. The color derives from PVB and the glass is frosted 

Satin glass is superior to normal sandblasted glass that it is much easier to clean and don't collect as much dust and dirt as sandblasted glass.


lp pee install1

1. Measure and mark the height

Measure from floor- to the middle of fitting and mark the level on the wall

2. Fix one side of fitting to the wall

Bring the fitting to the wall. Mark the hole position and drill the hole. Install the fittings fixed to the wall with screws

lp pee install2
lp pee install3

3. Put the glass in

Bring glass to the fitting on one side. Add another side of fitting hardware and lock tight using hex screwdriver. Glass is tempered and can be tightened without breaking.

Why choose Peetition?

Strong and durable

Glass is more durable than most alternatives

Glass is elegant

Glass make the partition looks clean and colorful

Easy to install

No worries about fittings, hardware, and dimensions. It's all integrated!

We can provide installation

Our service areas include Bangkok and nearby areas

Safety Glass

All our glass partitions are made of tempered glass with high safety standard

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Let's do it with glass!
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