Beauty Mirror HANG

Beauty Mirror HANG, designed for wall hanging, with direct light from mirror front and defogger. Mirror is made from cystral-grade material that is more pure and have superior reflection than other mirrors.

Revolutionary crystal-clear mirror with LED lighting that give you the most accurate reflection. Utilising natural light, high grade mirror, and anti-fog system, all combined in the integrated unit that will give you the best makeup experience.


Why Beauty Mirror?

Our Beauty Mirror was designed to look great and function well. It perfectly suit any bathroom and dressing room walls that need a good mirror!

Front projected light

Most of the people still do the makeup under downlight.  This is not bright enough and cause shadow on your face.  Our Beauty Mirror provides direct light from the front to solve these problems

Touch switch in front of the mirror

Turn on-off or dim the light at your fingertip. Touch switch is conveniently located directly in front of the mirror and can be dimmed by holding touch switch to your desired brightness.

Natural LED light

With natural LED light directly in front of the mirror, you can do the makeup indoor and get accurate colors close to when you are outdoor.

Beauty Mirror HANG Custom Size

The mirror is custom-made to your size, shape, lighting style, and your preferred options.

Features of Custom Model

  • Choose your own size, shape, and lighting style
  • Tailor made to suit your decoration style
  • Choose options; touch switch and defogger
  • Power cable is hidden behind the mirror

Beauty Mirror HANG Standard Size

Crystal-clear mirror with LED in standard size that is readily made in stock!

Features of Standard Model

  • Choose rectangular or circle shape
  • For rectangular shape, can be installed both vertically or horizontally
  • Equipped with touch switch and defogger
  • Read to use, just hang and plug the cable
  • Easy to move and relocated the installed mirror

Some of our jobs


We also have desktop version!

No place to hang? Our Beauty Mirror STAND is desktop model that you can place on dressing table or makeup counter, suitable for bathroom or dressing room in many styles [Learn more about STAND]


The quality you can trust

Because we are glass manufacturer, we are able to control our quality in details to make sure that our glass is really good.  All units are tested to our standard before delivery to your hands

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