Let's do it with glass!

Beauty Mirror, Mirrors with LED lights

LED-lighted bathroom or vanity mirrors that are custom-made to your specifications. Enhance the beauty, elegance, and style of your space.
กระจกเงามีไฟ beauty mirror
All our mirrors come with LED lights that are individually designed and manufactured, allowing you to choose various details as you wish. We'll make drawings and help you with designs. Get in touch or schedule an appointment with us.

LED Mirror Models

Why Beauty Mirror is better?

High Quality Mirror

Our mirrors are of high quality to ensure the most accurate reflection

Natural Lights

Equip with bright LEDs that mimic natural light

Dimmable Light

Press and hold the touch switch to dim the light

Easy to Control

Touch switch is equipped in front of the mirror, making it easy to control the light at fingertip

Add Defogger

Additional warmer behind the mirror to decrease the amount of fogs when showering

Rigid Structure

Assembled under ISO9001 standards with aluminum frame and high quality components


Lighting from the front

Downlighting is insufficient and creates shadows on the face. With the Beauty Mirror, you can do make-up with enough light and avoid shadows.

Dimmable Touch Switch

Turn the light on-off and dim easily at your fingertip. We recommend adding main switch to power off the mirror when not using for a long time.


Choose the lighting temperature

We provide natural light LED as the best option to get vibrant lighting with accurate color rendering index. However, you can also choose warm light or both color temperatures.

Beauty Mirror Custom Size

Beauty Mirror SHAPE

lighting mirror

Design your own mirror shape

  • You can choose capsule, oval, half circle, or any free forms (may have some limitations, please consult with us)
  • Cut and edge polished using CNC machine. Mirror will come exactly as the drawing file
  • Customize lighting frame pattern without the need to follow standard patterns
  • Add dimmable touch switch and defogger as you wish
  • Minimum size 50 X 50 cm., Maximum size 240 X 120 cm.
กระจกเงาไฟled กำหนดรูปทรงเอง

Beauty Mirror PLUS+

lp bm 3pls gal02
led mirror custom light
lp beauty mirror premium circle 01

Fully customizable premium LED mirror

Choose gold, pink gold, or prestige finishes on stainless steel frame. Customize details to your preference

  • Choose premium finishes such as pink gold, black, gold, silver, and copper
  • Add your signature or logo on the front of the mirror
  • Switch lighting modes; Daylight and Warm White
  • Design your own lighting frame pattern
lp bm 3pls gal03

Our Customers

กระจกเงามีไฟสั่งตัดพิเศษ คุณกรีน

Past Works: Beauty Mirror

Our LED mirrors are trusted by many renowned projects. Check out some ideas and feel free to let us know how you would like to make it your way!



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Beauty Mirror Standard

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The standard-size led mirrors are available as table-top or hanging models

Mirror Wall

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Let's do it with glass!
Basic Colors: White (GR1)
Basic Colors: White (GR1)
Basic Colors: Black (GY8)
Basic Colors: Black (GY8)
Basic Colors: Warm Gray (GY1)
Basic Colors: Warm Gray (GY1)
Basic Colors: London Fog (GY2)
Basic Colors: London Fog (GY2)
Basic Colors: Cool Gray (GY3)
Basic Colors: Cool Gray (GY3)
Basic Colors: Cool Blue (GY4)
Basic Colors: Cool Blue (GY4)
Basic Colors: Light Gray (GY5)
Basic Colors: Light Gray (GY5)
Basic Colors: Battleship Gray (GY6)
Basic Colors: Battleship Gray (GY6)
Basic Colors
Ultra-Clear Colors
Metallic Colors
Marble Patterns

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