Mirror Wall

Transform your ordinary wall to luxury and contemporary with our mirrors, Mirror Wall

Mirror in many styles for your wall, direct from our factory

Choose many types of mirrors from Glass is Good. Change your plain wall with mirrors and be amazed of the makeover! No matter you like modern or vintage styles, we have many types of mirrors to suit your preference; such as clear, variety of tinted mirrors, or antique mirrors. Choose the way you want the glass to join freely.

Tinted Mirror

  • Standard tinted mirror: Gray, Bronze, or Black
  • Specially imported colors: Bright Gold, Pink Gold, Blue, and Copper
  • Suitable for wall decoration to suit your room style

Click image below to see color samples

Clear Mirror

  • Clear Mirror in 5-6 mm. thickness for clear reflection
  • Broaden and add dimensions to your room

Click image below to see color samples

Antique mirror

  • Antique pattern is printed on the back of mirror surface to imitate rust patterns, in 5 mm. thickness
  • Choose from our standard six patterns
  • Transform your room to look classic & vintage style

Click image below to see color samples

Choose the way to connect your mirror

We can combine glass types and the way you want to join the glass freely. Choose bevelled edge to add dimensions of the mirror reflection. 


Full Coverage

Full size glass with minimum joints, maximum width 1.2 m.

การเรียงกระจกแบบตาราง grid

Grid Joint

Design grid styles to join smaller piece of mirrors


Grid with Bevelled Edge

Smaller glass size with added bevelled edging to highlight glass edge


Diamond Joint

Tilt mirror 45 degree with polished edge


Diamond Bevelled

Join the glass in 45° angle with bevelled edges


Custom Joint

Or choose any way you want your mirror wall to be

choose us for professional quality service customization price

custom joint mirror wall
กระจกเงาสีตกแต่ง เพิ่มความหรูหรา

We are professionals!

We install all our mirrors in fine details. Get the wall surface to align to make sure the reflection will be “true.” We keep installation site clean and odoreless. Plus we produce our own glass and supply you at reasonable price!

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