Use painted glass to cover your existing wall will turn it into an easy to clean, vibrant, and beautiful wall forever. It looks modern and custom made to your wall!


Glass Wall is so gooood!


White on Ultra Clear Glass


Choose your favourite colors


Our professional painter


Why painted glass is better for your wall?


Because the paint is behind the glass, leaving the outer surface as glass, your wall will be very dirt proof, dust free, and always look new!
*Actual product color may look different from what you see on digital screen. Please feel free to ask for sample from us.


Using tiles on wall

  • Lots of joint! These joints keep dirts and dusts. It also cause the wall to be very difficult to clean
  • Difficult to install and cut at site
  • Difficult to clean and keep it clean

Using Glass Wall

  • Very limited joints. The surface is smooth and shiny
  • Custom made to your wall. Just glue and cover the existing wall
  • Glass surface makes it very easy to clean and looks new
  • More than 60 colors to choose from


Where can I install Glass Wall?

  • Any walls that are strong enough to hold the glass weight
  • Just glue the glass back, stick the glass to the wall, wait one night.
  • Its very simple. Now you get an always clean wall!


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Its not difficult to install


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We are professional in this field!

For painted glass, our factory is number 1 in the market for more than ten years.  You can trust our quality that your glass will stay with your wall forever; no peeling, fading, discoloration, or delaminate.  This is our promise that we can warranty for 10 years!



"Glass wall makes my wall looks new all the time. Its very easy to clean and incredibly simple and fast to install"

Adireg Pantisoontorn

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