Terms and Conditions

Account Registration

At some point on this website, you may be prompted to register for an account.  At the point of registration, you agree to following terms and conditions;

  • To provide the correct, true, and up-to-date information sufficiently for trade activities
  • Regularly update the information (if needed) 
  • Protect your account by not letting others know your password
  • Notify us instantly if you suspect any unauthorised accesses to your account
  • You understand the risk of unauthorised access to your account that may result in damages or criminal offence

Trading Agreement

  • By confirming the order on the website, you and Glass is Good has entered the trading agreement to buy and sell products as described in order details. 
  • Any modification of ordering details will need to be done before confirmation of the order.  After payment has been processed, Glass is Good reserves the right not to accept modification and cancellation of the order that has been processed
  • On ordering page, Glass is good's system will calculate product price and additional cost (e.g. delivery and installation cost) in Thai Baht.  All transactions are protected under the laws of Thailand
  • We reserve the right not to release the products that are not fully paid 

Our Product Warranty

Each product has different warranty terms and conditions.  Please check in "Warranty" section on individual product pages

Estimated Delivery Time

Estimated delivery time from the date of order fulfillment to delivery are different from product to product as below.  We will make every effort to expedite the delivery time to be shortest but we reserve the right to extend delivery schedule when the capacity is full or we are out of stock

  • Beauty Mirror: Approx. 8-14 days
  • Glass Whiteboard: Approx. 7-12 days
  • Glass Top: Approx. 7-12 days
  • Glass Wall: Approx. 7-12 days

Privacy Policy

"Glass is Good" website provides this Privacy Policy statement to assure that all information that users provide on our website is well protected and will not be used other than the scope listed in this policy.

We care for your privacy and will not use your provided information for any other purposes except those are needed to fulfil activities on this website.  You agree to follow our published privacy statement as of today or in the future.  By entering your information, you grant us access to your provided information as part of our services.  You have the right to modify, cancel, or request your data that we collected at any time through these channels;

  • by unsubscribing using the link included in our communication email
  • by email describing your request to service@glassisgood.co.th
  • by sending the request to Line Official: @glassisgood or Facebook Messenger through Facebook "Glassisgood"
  • by mailing to our physical address

Data we collect

  • Your full name
  • Your contact information: email, telephone, and address
  • Your social profile (for chatting): Line and/or Facebook Messenger
  • Analytical data for user experience; such as referral link, user's session, visited pages, etc.

Sources of personal data

  • Data you provided to us directly: This is data we need in order to fulfill your request and you submit to us through forms, survey, or conversation.  This includes data we collected through your browser's cookies
  • Data we receive from 3rd party: We may receive your data from your appointed personnel or people who contacts us on your behalf. We may also receive your data from our affiliates or agents

How we process and utilize your data?

  • We use your data to provide you the product and service. This includes but not limit to selling, providing information, sending proposal, quoting, delivery, and warranty
  • We use your data to customize and produce the product including after sales service
  • We may use your data for our marketing purposes.  We may send you newsletters, offers, promotional materials, and our activities we may have
  • We may use your data to request for after-sell survey, ask for reviews, or request additional information from you
  • We may collect images and/or your provided data for our media with your consent
  • We may use your data with 3rd party to analyze or undertake further investigation in order to protect our risks; such as financial institutions, lawyers, or professional advisors

How your data are stored?

  • We keep your data in both physical documents and in electronic mediums.  For electronic mediums, we may upload your data both in our self-hosted systems (computers and servers) and in the cloud through external providers
  • For physical documents and self-hosted systems, we maintain your data at our facility at the registered company address.  For external cloud services, we hosts your data at Google, Amazon Web Service, and our website hosting provider
  • We keep your data for duration as listed under "Data Storage Duration"
  • After the data storage duration has been over, we will delete your data within 365 days from the completion date

Data storage duration

  • If there are sales activities: We will keep your data for 5 more years from the date that both parties have no liabilities to each other.  For example, from the end of warranty date, last payment settlement, delivery depending on which activities are the last one, unless required by law
  • If there are no sales activities: We will keep your data for the maximum of ten years from the data acquisition date

Rights of data owner

You, as data owner, have full rights over your data as following;

  1. Right to withdraw consent: You can withdraw any consents given to us at any time by specifying which data consent you would like to withdraw
  2. Right of access: You can ask us to send data we collected at any time
  3. Right to rectification: You can request the modification to your data
  4. Right to erasure: You can request us to erase your data stored with us at any time
  5. Right to restriction of processing: You have the right to stop us from using your data to process in any activities
  6. Right to data portability: You have the right to request moving your data from us to somewhere else
  7. Right to object: You have full right to request us not to process your data in the way you don't prefer

Release of information to third party

We will not release any of user's information to third party without consent of the information owner, except the information that needs to be provided under the Law of Thailand.

Modification of Privacy Policy

Website may modify or update their Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice to its users.  This may only be done to comply with rules and regulations or for the improvement of product and service offerings.  Therefore, we recommend our website users to regularly read our Privacy Policy when visiting our website.

Complain Resolution Policy

How to reach us?

  • Glass is Good Co., Ltd.
  • Address: 35/6 M.6 Talingchan-Suphanburi Rd., Soathonghin, Bangyai, Nonthaburi 11140 Thailand
  • Tel: +66 63 373 3292 to 4
  • Line Official: @glassisgood | Facebook Messenger: Page "Glassisgood"
  • Our data protection officer (DPO): Mr. Klot Wattanatham


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