Glass Top is tempered low-iron glass that is either painted in color or digital printed in the back to add some fresh pristine looks to normal glass surface.  Glass Top is available in 6 mm. and 12 mm. thickness depending on whether you have existing top table or not.  All Glass Tops are produced on specially imported low-iron glass that is crystal clear and provide additional safety and is much stronger than annealed glass.  Choose among our color range or patterns from our design collections

  • Custom made to your size, shape, choices of colors, and designs as you prefer
  • Tempered glass table top is more durable, cleaner, and easier to maintain than other furniture top materials
  • Choose 6 mm. to cover existing top surface or 12 mm. for glass only tabletop
  • Choose rectangle or circle shape and corner style

Thickness 6 mm.: Choose 6 mm. when you have existing table top or supports to the glass already. You can place our glass top on top of your existing table top such as wood, MDF wood, veneer laminates, etc.

Thickness 12 mm.: Choose 12 mm. when you don't have full support to the glass top or when you need the stronger glass top that will not bend or bow when putting the loads on the top.

Color Top: We use polyurethane paints to coat on the back of the glass. The color tint will be seen through the glass accurately because we use only low-iron glass which is crystal clear and has less greenish effect comparing to normal glass.

MarbleTop: 'Marble' pattern is added in the back surface of the glass using ceramic inkjet. Graphics printed on the glass will be melted into the surface during tempering process, thus making the pattern strongly adhere inside the glass and will not fade or crack in the long run.

Metallic Color: Metallic colors contain metallic flakes which provide special glittering effect especially when viewing under light sources.

Tempered Glass: All our glass tops are fully tempered to provide higher strength and resistance to impact approx. 5 times more than annealed glass.

Rectangle Shape: All glasses are customized to size that you can choose. Please choose width and height in centimeter (1 digit allowed). All the glasses are cut on a CNC cutting table. You can add radius corner (please specify radius) or choose standard 2 mm. corner cut to eliminate the sharp corner.

Circle Shape: You can specify diameter of circle glass in centimeter (1 digit allowed). Glasses are cut to your size and polished all around the edge.


  • We provided warranty for years for the quality of our coatings; not yellowish, fade, crack, or delaminated. Not covered under warranty for any physical damages to the glass, mostly from impact and handling.


  • Please pay extra cautions when moving the glass especially at all the edges to avoid accidental breakage.

  • The back surface of the glass is the coated side. Please don't use sharp & hard materials to destroy the coated surface. Front of the glass can be scratched as normal glass does.

  • Check the stability of the table legs before putting the glass on the top in order to make sure that the glass weight will not collapse the table.

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