Beauty Mirror is a functional mirror with integrated LED lighting and anti-fog system which comes in both standard sizes and customized size to match your area. The whole units are constructed in the factory using only high quality materials and provide you with ease of installation at site

  • Natural-light LED positioning directly from the front of mirror to eliminate shadow from downlight and give the truest colors for makeup
  • Option to choose anti-fog heater to eliminate fogs on the mirror after taking hot shower
  • Optional built-in touch switch to turn on and off the light and anti-fog system
  • Rigid powder-coated aluminum frame structure with rubber seal around the unit with stainless steel parts

Clear Mirror: Thickness 5 mm. for area less than 1 sq.m. and 6 mm. for area more than 1 sq.m. All glasses are cut and edge polished to precision utilising CNC to provide smooth edges

Natural LED Lighting: Our high-lumen LED light (6500 K color temperature) provides bright and clear natural light similar to the outdoor light. The lighting pattern can be chosen from our standard styles or contact us for customization

Touch Switch: Option to add touch switch in front of the mirror to activate lighting and defogger with your finger touches. Or you can install wall switch just like normal lighting configuration

Defogger: Add warmer in the back of the mirror to eliminate fog during warm shower

Outer Light: Come standard with glowing light at the edge of the mirror or let us know if you don’t want glowing light around your mirror

Spill Proof: We design our own rigid powder-coated aluminum frame, equipped with rubber seal and back plate to encapsulate all components behind the mirror. The whole structure is spill proof reducing the risk of power shortage or water coming inside the electronic components

Frame Depth: Overall depth 36 mm. with all electronic components sealed behind the mirror. You just hang and connect the power and that’s it!


  • warranty for the electric parts (lighting, touchswitch, defogger)
  • Warranty doesn’t include physical damages to glass (scratch, crack, breakage) or failure from incorrect installation or usage


  • Don’t install Beauty Mirror in the area with risks of water exposion (outdoor, shower area, or high humidity area). Be careful not to let the water directly sprayed or come behind or around the glass edge
  • Mirror edges should be cleaned or wiped dry if exposed to water to keep the edge from corrosion
  • Do not turn on the defogger continuously longer than 4 hours to protect from over-heat circuits

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