Our team

Main thing behind our products is our state-of-the-art glass processing technologies that allow us to transform our ideas & designs into reality. And with the team with various backgrounds, we can design, prototype, produce, and bring these glasses to improve the quality of living. As our company name, all of us here believe that glass is good, so learn it more -> use it more!

Wiroj T. (Eang)

Managing Director

Aorngariya T. (Koi)

Content Manager

Thada J. (Tuu)

Head of Digital Marketing

Weeraphong A. (Wee)

Head of Production

Creative Team

Nate, Eak, Boom, Pak

Pojanee N. (Kook)

Customer Service

Ampha C. (Nid)

Accounting & Finance

Product Realisation

Our products are backed by our factory, Glassform Manufacturing, home of 230 employees dedicating to mass production of processed glasses. All our designs are passed on to our factory with strong team to transform our design to reality.

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