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All our glasses are made to order. So, you have a freedom to choose any sizes and designs that fit your needs. Feel free to browse through our easy online shop here

Beauty Mirror

  • Crystal grade mirror that is more pure and give you better reflection comparing to normal mirrors
  • Option to choose anti-fog heater to eliminate fogs on the mirror after taking hot shower
  • Natural-light LED positioning directly from the front of mirror to eliminate shadow from downlight and give the truest colors for makeup
  • Optional built-in touch switch to turn on and off the light and anti-fog system

Glass Whiteboard

  • Easier to write and to clean thanks to shiny surface of glass, making glass whiteboard looks new throughout its lifetime
  • Highly durable polyurethane paint on the back of the glass with more than 30 colors to choose from
  • Option to choose permanent stick fixing or screw fixing to relocate the glass whiteboard
  • Come in complete set with tray of your choices and all necessary accessories for easy installation

Glass Top

  • Custom made to your size, shape, choices of colors, and designs as you prefer
  • Tempered glass table top is more durable, cleaner, and easier to maintain than other furniture top materials
  • Choose 6 mm. to cover existing top surface or 12 mm. for glass only tabletop
  • Choose from 66 vibrant colors or digital-printed patterns from our design collections

Glass Wall

  • Painted glass for wall covering is easier to clean, more shiny, and remain new over time comparing to other wall covering materials
  • Easy to install. Only glue the glass to the existing wall (concrete-plywood-tiles)
  • Custom made to size with minimum joints. Can make holes and cutouts for plug holes
  • Do it once, and forget it. All painted glasses come with forgettable 20 years warranty
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