Glass film that can be switched from opaque to transparent by pressing a switch. We can install it over the original glass sheet to replace curtains or blinds immediately. It’s durable, energy-efficient, and easy to use.

  • Our team has to measure the site and take the production about two weeks before installation
  • When the film is electrically applied, it will be in a clear state. And when not receiving electricity, it will turn into a white opaque film
  • In a clear state, film will be slightly more hazy than normal glass, but it is still able to be seen through clearly
  • We are the only provider that cuts, assembles, and controls production in our own factory. Therefore, we can avoid the long waiting period for imports from abroad
  • Just put in the area you want to apply the film and get the price instantly. You can also place order online at any time
  • Choose the dimensions of the area you need. If you need multiple sheets, you can list the total area in square meters to calculate the cost. The film doesn’t have to be applied on the entire sheet of glass (subjected to conditions)
  • If your glass has holes or notches, choose the quantity to determine the closest estimate
  • The price offered is inclusive of on-site measurement, product and installation services. We provide services in Bangkok and vicinity areas
  • We reserve the right to modify the pricing if the size of the film, the perforations, or the notching of holes does not meet the standards set by the company
  • We provide 5 years warranty for the film functionality and 2 years warranty for electrical parts
  • The warranty is void if the damage is a result of improper use or non-conforming operating conditions.


  • The film should not be installed in an area exposed to direct sunlight. Suitable for indoor use only
  • The film should not be installed in an area exposed to water. The film can be on the dry side in the case of bathroom usage
  • Do not use solvent, thinner or solvent to wipe directly on the film
  • ทำความสะอาดโดยใช้ผ้าชุบน้ำบิดแห้งเช็ดบริเวณฟิล์ม

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