Beauty Mirror ‘Stand’  is a ready-made desktop crystal-clear mirror with integrated LED lighting.  The whole units are constructed in the factory using only high quality materials and provide you with perfect lighting for makeup.  Simply assemble the unit, plug the cable, and you will be ready to enjoy this professional makeup mirror right away!

  • Crystal grade mirror that is more pure and give you a perfect reflection comparing to normal mirrors
  • Natural-light LED position directly from the front of mirror to eliminate shadow from downlight and give the truest colors for makeup
  • Touch switch makes it very convenient to turn on and off the light from the mirror front
  • The base is made of natural wood with options to cover with low-iron colored tempered glass in white, black, and shiny gold colors
  • Rigid powder-coated aluminum frame structure with high grade aluminum backing plate

'Crystal Clear Mirror' Utilize crystal clear mirror in 6 mm. Thickness, providing the truest reflection you can ever expect from a mirror! All sharp edges are polished to perfection making it looks great and is very safe to use

'Natural LED Lighting' High power natural light (6500 Kelvin) comes out directly from the mirror front, giving you the lighting closer to the outdoor light.

Touch Switch:  Simply touch the switch on the mirror to trigger on and off the light and anti-fog system.

Wall Plug: Come with high quality wall plug with 2 m. cable. 

Beauty Deck: Display your cosmetic in front of the mirror that looks great with lighting and reflection!  Choose natural wood pattern, or upgrade to cover the deck with low-iron tempered painted glass in white, black, or shiny gold colors

Aluminum Frame: Body is made of strong powder-coated aluminum frame with high grade aluminum back plate to protect all the components in well constructed unit. 

Easy Assembly : Simply put in two screws (tool provided) to assemble the base to the mirror frame.  Plug the power and you are all set!

  • warranty for electrical system (lighting, touch switch) for one year
  • Warranty isn't valid for the broken glass or damages caused by incorrect installation or wrong usage


  • Do not install Beauty Mirror in the area with direct water exposure.
  • If the mirror edges are wet, it is advisable to wipe dry along mirror edge to prevent the corrosion in the mirror
  • Do not leave the unit on more than four hours in order to extend the life of electrical systems.

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