Magic Film, Switchable film to transform clear glass to opaque with your fingertip

Turn on or turn off your glass into privacy easily with your fingertip.  Press switch on or off to change the glass from clear to solid state with our innovative smart film.

Upgrade from using curtain to switchable glass with Magic Film from Glass is Good.  Easily turn on your privacy with this innovative film for glass.  Just install Magic Film on top of existing clear glass and see the whole new level of magic in your room!

Transition into privacy easily and quickly with switchable film.  Replace old curtains or blinds by applying the film to your old glass.  Easy, quick, and it just work!

Can be used on top of any existing clear glass

Just apply Magic Film on the existing clear glass, connect power and wireless switch… You can easily transform your normal glass to be a convenient privacy glass that you can turn on and off instantly!

Suitable for office, meeting room, management room, decorative glass for resort or hotel, or any special use cases where privacy is needed.

Sample of using in meeting room

Why you should choose Magic Film?

Replace curtains or blinds with Magic Film to quickly switch on and off the glass instantly.  No more walking to close the curtain.  Plus, you can use the glass as whiteboard and projector screen as well!

Quickly on and off the glass

  • Place wireless switch anywhere in the room
  • Turn on and off the glass instantly in less than half a second
  • With add-on option to control with mobile app

Replace the usage of curtains or blinds

  • No more maintenance on curtains and blinds, install the film and use for a long time
  • No need to place the film to cover the whole glass area.  You can partially cover the glass with Magic Film
  • Easier to use than curtains and blinds

Cover the existing glass instantly!

  • All you need is clear glass.  Just choose where you want to apply the film
  • Measure and cut the film to fit each glass
  • We provide measurement and installation in Bangkok and vicinity areas

Use as whiteboard and projection screen

  • Thanks to solid white colored film, you can use the glass side as whiteboard
  • Can use as projection screen (only support rear projection)
  • No need to install whiteboard or projection screen anymore

Long usage life up to ten years


Low power consumption (5 watt/sqm.)

*if turn on the switch 11 hours daily


Warranty for 2 years

Special Discount by 12/2/2564

Enjoy our launching sale! Lock in your discount today and install any time by April 2021

10% discount for film area 5-10 sqm.

20% discount for film area >10 sqm.

  • We provide service within Bangkok and vicinity areas
  • Pay deposit 1,500 baht by 12/2/2021 17:00 to lock your discount rate. Job has to be installed by 30/4/2021
  • 1,500.- deposit will be deducted from actual product cost at the time of payment.  However, the unused deposit cannot be refunded
  • Promotion period 30/1/2021 to 12/2/2021 and installation by 30/1/2021
  • After paying deposit, our service team will settle appointment for site measurement within 7-10 days.  Actual product will be installed after 19/2/2021 or 2 weeks after customers pay deposit 50% of the product cost
  • Areas to install Magic Film must not be external glass or prone to direct sunlight.  We also don’t recommend using in wet area

We are professionals!

Because we are a leader in innovative glass with a lot of experience in many renowned projects, you can be rest assured in our product and service quality.  Because glass is so good, we would like you to try our glass!

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